BramptonU Town Hall

On January 28, 2020; Mayor Patrick Brown and Brampton City Councillors hosted a BramptonU Town Hall at Brampton City Hall. About 180 people participated, many actively engaging with questions. The majority of the feedback received clearly articulated the need for a full, leading, degree-granting university in Brampton.


City staff provided an update on the status of the BramptonU movement, highlighting recent meetings and public forums, and laying out a rough timeline for future activity.

Dr. Joseph Angolano from Mainstreet Research presented the findings of the public polling survey that was completed in December of 2019. The key highlights –  Brampton residents want a full university close to home, offering flexible programming in technology and science related disciplines.

Finally, Dr. Janusz Koziński, a leading expert on higher education, delivered a talk on Megatrends and Future Skills in Higher Education. He identified a number of key trends, including blockchain, the  Internet of Things, human augmentation and robotic process automation, and then further detailed the skills we need to strengthen as these trends transform workplaces of the future – cognitive flexibility, creativity and complex problem solving.



Dr. Janusz A. Koziński

Education Expert

Janusz Koziński has enjoyed a distinguished academic career in leading institutions in the USA, Europe, and Canada. He is an internationally-renowned higher education leader, researcher and en­trepreneur, and one of the world’s most widely acknowledged experts in sustainable energy systems.

Educated in Kraków, Poland, he subsequently conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spent much of his academic career at McGill University. He was Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering in Toronto and Founding President of a new University in Hereford, which is one of the most ambitious ventures in British higher educa­tion. He is currently heading initiatives focused on merging sciences with liberal arts and humanities to create novel academic programs.


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