The Urban Dictionary defines employagility as “flexible enough to skill up and manage rapid changes in the workplace.”

Workplaces are changing rapidly as new ideas and technologies disrupt traditional thinking and approaches. And we can only believe the pace of change will continue to increase.

Traditional approaches to post-secondary education tend to follow a simple and straight path. Get a degree, hope to find a job, update skills from time to time: the traditional career ladder.

A Government of Canada report on the Future of Work identified how: “Career ladders are becoming career lattices…24 per cent of workers under 34 have already worked in four industries, while 59 per cent over 65 retired with three or less. The career lattice is characterized by constant skills learning and updating, steeper learning curves, and change management.”

Traditional post-secondary education is on a cusp of a revolution. The need for the times is new, disruptive and flexible education focused on meeting demand.

The teaching and learning strategy for BramptonU is grounded in the concept of employagility. BramptonU will provide the education future graduates need, and provide in-demand trained workers with the skills that businesses need for the jobs of tomorrow. BramptonU learners will get leading, work-focused programming, where the learning will be done in partnership with employers. This will be done not just through co-op programs, but with business and industry needs baked in to the development of programming and learning.

Through its teaching and learning strategy, BramptonU will develop core strengths for:

  • In-Demand capabilities plus ‘employagility’ for the future of work
  • Emerging ‘Work and Life’ Themes: Digital Transformation, Innovation and Sustainability
  • Talent development in partnership with employers and workplaces
  • Inclusion of New Canadians

BramptonU’s proposed strategy and approach to learning will deliver:

  • The most employable and future-focused graduates in Canada
  • Totally flexible and 24/7/365 availability of education (classroom, on-line and blended)
  • Active integration with existing post-secondary education providers (including colleges)
  • Active support for economic development, immigration and business investment
  • Active support for deep community and cultural connections
  • Active support for entrepreneurial connectivity

That’s employagility.

The BramptonU project team connected with post-secondary institutions in Ontario and across Canada, as well as world renowned international institutions. There is definite interest to be part of the BramptonU system. 

Want to read more?

BramptonU’s proposal to the Province is near complete. The “BramptonU Academic Strategy” section of this proposal is available for you to see here.