BramptonU – bringing you the best of the academic world

How does BramptonU get the best of the academic world?

Our proposed governance structure – really who gets to make decisions about programming and delivery – is designed so we can have the best of all there is in the academic world.

BramptonU will bring the best academic quality standards, and combine that with input from businesses and the community. We’ll be putting the needs of Brampton residents, local businesses and students at the heart of programming through a proposed “Employer Council” and “Schools Council” as part of our governance structure.

Businesses, local educators, community and civic institutions will be fully involved in the governance of the university.

The result will be programming students want, trained workers businesses need, connections with community and educational institutions – with the outcome being skilled workers for the jobs of tomorrow, grounded in the community.

All we need is the Province to agree to our plan and legislate BramptonU, and its governance model, into existence.

You can read more detail on BramptonU’s proposed governance model.